Brushing or straightening your hair every day can become a big problem. While guaranteeing the smooth effect, high temperatures damage the locks when overused. Therefore, you need to be alert and set up a hair care routine to keep the locks healthy and extremely hydrated.

But do not worry! With accurate tips and detailed research, it is much easier to find the right products for each type of hair texture. The big secret is to invest in habits that enhance the result of brushing without neglecting practicality.

Want to know more about it? We'll show you 4 essentials when it comes to straightening your hair and getting a flawless look. Follow:

1. Use an efficient thermal protector

Exposing your hair to high temperatures without any protection is a mistake that often causes serious long-term damage. The product protects the wires from excess heat and prevents dryness, which is one of the main side effects of flat iron.

The action of the composition creates a kind of protective cap that shields the capillary structure. In addition to protecting against breakage, the thermo-activated effect also ensures cuticle sealing without neglecting the radiant shine.

Another significant advantage is the ease of brushing the hair, as the substances provide soft texture right after application. Choose an option that is appropriate for your wick type to maximize the benefits and outcome of thermal protection. For more references go to titanium vs ceramic flat iron blog.

2. Avoid exposing hair daily

If you are a fan of a good brush , you know that the effect does not usually last until the next day. And, to solve this problem, many women touch up the smooth with the flat iron. Daily use of high temperatures can make hair porous with split ends and some lighter locks.

The indication to ensure the health of the locks is to give a break of at least two days to redo the stoned effect. Ceramic planks are the most recommended by beauty professionals. The secret of the pieces is the possibility of balancing temperatures during the process of contact with the wires.

3. Build a capillary schedule

To have beautiful and healthy hair , you need to invest in a complete hair schedule. This way, the texture of the wires gets all the nutrients needed to quickly recover from any aggression suffered by dryer or flat iron. The procedure should be adapted to the needs of each type of locks.

For example, those who have light but dull or dry hair should start with concentrated hydration. Already the wires that suffer from damage caused by the board usually have excess frizz and, therefore, the targeted treatment needs to be nutrition.

The routine can be changed according to the first results achieved. The most important thing is to invest in hydration, nutrition and reconstruction in different stages.

4. Choose suitable products

The result of perfect straightening can be enhanced with the use of products suitable for your hair type. There are also some little secrets that are fundamental in the routine of those who need to protect wires from the effect of flat iron. Give preference to compositions with silicones and natural oils.

At the end of brushing, also invest in a good leave-in to achieve a natural-movement finish. A good suggestion to make your hair stay beautiful longer is to use dry shampoo. The feature decreases the need to wash the locks frequently and directly contributes to brush maintenance.

Ready! Now you know what care to take after brushing or flat ironing your hair. Damage is almost inevitable, but with a disciplined routine, it is much easier to preserve healthy strands. The most important is to invest in quality products, with reputable services in the market. Thus, the striking effect of the locks will soon be achieved and praised by all.

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